Embee's Set the Night on Fire


Embee's Set the Night on Fire

All pretty for a updated photo shoot when it started to rain, notice the little rain drops in his ears?!

Named after Zoolander not a fairy tale ;)

 Hansel has been a lot like his sister Ebby, slow to mature.. but so worth waiting for!  This boy has an incredible temperament and is such a sweet heart to live with.  His favourite thing in life is snuggling and spending time with his best doggy friend Rolly.  I'm so thankful to his owner Heather for taking such good care of him and choosing to share him with us.

Heart: Clear, Oct. 2015  Eyes: Normal Oct. 2015   MRI: CM mild, SM clear  Hips: soon  Patella: normal  DNA DE/CC/EFS: clear/clear

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