Monday, January 28, 2013

Loki, the former yak?

It's no secret that Loki has a lot of coat for a cavalier his age.  In fact, both of us have been teased about it often!  A lot of it fun, some of it not so fun, but at the very least all you could say was that he was very cute. 

So we've been working on it. I've been brushing him out daily, and bathing him a lot (being a stinky boy with bad aim necessitates this anyways), trying to encourage all of his puppy fluff to come out on its own.

I think our hard work is starting to pay off.  Imagine my surprise when I bathed and blow dried him on the weekend (nothing else)

Who is this gorgeous little man?!

loki_bathed1_resized photo loki_bathed1_resized_zps4d71a4bf.jpg

loki_bathed2_resized photo loki_bathed2_resized_zpsa53abafb.jpg

Still some work to do, but what do you think?  Do you recognize him? ;)

A few months ago, looking very yak/ewok like
 photo nr12.jpg


  1. oh my gosh look at his little feets! He is going to grow up to be very dashing!

  2. Loki you are stunning. Don't forget it. Becky had that fuzz coat when she was younger and it turned into a flat, shiny black coat... till I spayed her that is!