Thursday, October 27, 2011

What should we be for Halloween?

Zoey here,

I wanted to tell you about all about one of my favourite celebrations.....


I love it because we get to dress up in crazy costumes and there are tons of wonderful visitors to our house. I just love saying hi to everyone at the door. We get lots of smiles and compliments. I love making people smile.


Before we lived here we lived in a wonderful city. We had so many doggie friends there and we did so many doggie things. Just look at some of the fun we have had on Halloween.

Can you believe that I wasn't even a year old in this picture? I'm going to be 5 in November!


One time we hosted our own Halloween party. Charlie disguised himself as Batman. Hes so handsome.


Our friend Crystal came as a cop but ended up drinking sooo much Pomtini she passed out!


Mylee dressed up like a lady bug. She was so little and red that no one could tell she really was a dog and not a bug!


Someone had the horrible idea that I should be a PINK if. Luckily I'm a good sport who just loves Halloween and played along. I didn't even mind my furry feet and bunny tail.


We even got to go to a Halloween party at Petsmart.


I'm so glad my Mom has gotten much better at taking pictures.


This is me and my good friend Bella. Bella taught me how to sniff out all the best stuff. I spent so much time with Bella that if you asked me I would have told you that I was a beagle and not a cavalier.


I have no idea what to dress up as this year. Just please no more pink bunny.

I really miss my friends in London and our Halloween adventures. I think my Mom should investigate taking us to a Petsmart Halloween party, we haven't been to one in forever!

What are you dressing up for Halloween this year as?


  1. I soooooo Love all your Halloween costumes, you are all very creative.

    Tell your Mum a Big Thank You for the lovely gift, I love it so very much.

    Here in our Market Town on Saturday, will be Spooks Night with events starting from 3pm including a ghost walk through the Abbey.

    One idea would be a ghost theme (ie white sheet) note, white and not pink.

    Also a pumkin theme

    Another is the dark forces (ie black cape)

    I just know you will have lots of fun at Halloween and I just wish I could join you too.

  2. Oh Zoey, you all look so adorable in your costumes! The pink bunny was too much!

    My dad will only let me go as "cutest dog in the neighbourhood" which I suppose is an okay deal (no hat, and I'm allowed to roll in the leaf piles!)

    Have you considered being something delicious? Like a cow, or chicken? I think that would be funny. No letting your sisters nibble on you!

    Love, Booster.

  3. Crystal's Cop Costume brings back so many memories. Thank you for posting it Marybeth!


  4. Thank you :-) Loved every photo. Your not the only one who gets so many pics of a dogs tail and nothing else :-)
    Think Freya might miss out on Halloween this year. She goes to bed early :-) X X X She would love to have had a good chew at the bunny tail though. X

  5. What an adorable bunch of photos! My goodness!!