Sunday, July 17, 2011

Asking Questions: Do you?


Do you ask them?


What do they mean to you?

What do they mean to the person you are asking?

For me questions are a way to seek further information and understanding.

Without them, where would we be? Where would we go?

The weekend question around here - why must we have baths? We much prefer being stinky.

I love to ask questions about information that doesn't necessarily make sense to me. In my profession this is seen as curiosity and a highly sought after quality. Without being curious progress is never made. Without progress nothing ever changes.

When I ask questions and point out areas of information that may not make sense, it does not mean that the information is not credible or appreciated. It really means that I am passionate and care deeply.

When breeders ask questions they are seeking further information. We love our dogs, and we love this breed. We are truly vested in their future.

Are we done yet?

Why is it that breeders can't ask questions about the future and things that do not make sense without it being seen as an attack on a profession?

The commitment and hard work that goes into research is deeply appreciated. Without it we would never progress. Without questions and furthering our knowledge what would we research?

Do I really have to have my nails clipped today?


Researchers need breeders as much as breeders need researchers. We consent our dogs to undergo procedures without a second thought, yet in return questions seem to draw the most controversy.

Please no more questions: No comment

Thank you to researchers for all that you do, it is probably not said enough. Thank you to all the breeders out there doing the same, it is also not said nearly enough.

I will apologize now for my questions, but I will keep being curious. After all... it is in my nature to do so.

Can I go outside and roll in the dead grass?


Why don't you like stinky puppies in your house?

And to save the best for last.. my favourite bath picture so far

Keep asking questions, keep being curious.. and like Kodee says;



  1. Excellent post Embee!!! I hope this post makes it around the world a hundred times over and then some. XO The Mysticmoon Clan

  2. OH my those eyes of Zoe's are to fall in love with! Your dogs are adorable. Nice post :)

  3. I have a question... when do I get to see my- er, YOUR dog Zoe?! ;) Those pictures just make me want to give her a BIGG hug. And Mylee too! Poor wet pups.

  4. Poor clean wet pups! They smell good and are perfect for snuggling right now. We will come visit soon!

  5. I have a question;) How do you handle ears right after a bath? Maizey's ears get sooo curly, like she had a perm instead of a bath,LOL but if I comb them when wet it seems like they snarl easier.

    Since you like questions so much, and so do I, Here's another one;) What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?

    Not to make myself obnoxious, but how do drying coats help? I've never used one, and can't really understand how they make a coat lay down.

    And finally, there's nothing softer than a freshly bathed Cavalier!:))

  6. lol I don't mind questions at all!

    I always blow dry the ears and brush them while drying. Mylee is prone to yeast so drying ears completely help get rid of that risk. Ears for us are a battle always. I can easily brush them everyday and still find a snarl or two.

    For shampoo and conditioner I tend to use different ones for different purposes.

    For complete full out grooming baths or getting ready for the show ring my favourites still are Vellus (clarifying, shampoo, conditioner) or Chris Christensen spectrum 10. (always diluted as instructed)

    Some days my girls are dirty and i'm short on time so for those days I use either mane & tail or a gentle oatmeal shampoo.

    I will never be without a drying coat and as soon as I find the time I *am* going to figure out a pattern to make them.

    My guys almost always air dry while wearing their coats. It saves me time and it keeps them laying flat so that as they dry the coat is forced to dry/lay flat. Without them the coat becomes fluffy, curly and the dries in all different directions.

    I love my drying coats and its probably my top recommended purchase for cavalier owners to save time, sanity, and have a good looking coat.