Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The view from here: at the farm

There is nothing my girls love to do more than visit the farm. I can't quite put it into words how much they enjoy themselves so I thought I'd do better, capture it on video. Molly truly lives every day in paradise.

Running until they turn into specs on the middle of the screen.

Us discovering that my Dad plowed our trail home so we had to turn around and go back the way we came. The alternate option? Mud up to our knees. The dogs wouldn't have cared!

We farm a combination of cash crops including wheat, barley, oats, and hay. Our specialty though? Potatoes. Lots and lots of specialty seed potatoes.

Right now just north of our farm, a giant quarry has been proposed. It will be the largest quarry in Canada and will encompass 2,300 acres. All of that 2,300 acres will be dug into a below water table, open pit limestone mine. 600 million litres of clean ground water will have to be pumped out of their mine a day. What is left will flow down and pollute major river systems and lakes. Isn't amazing what people will do for money?

Why is the region referred to as the Headwaters?

The region encompassing the Town of Caledon, the Town of Erin and the County of Dufferin including Orangeville and Shelburne, is called 'the Headwaters' because it is the birthplace of four of Ontario's major river systems: the Credit, the Nottawasaga, the Humber and the Grand. These four watersheds play an important role in shaping the local landscape and heritage. The Hills of Headwaters is a key groundwater recharge area, providing drinking water, wetland habitat, and water supply for all four rivers.

I will be starting to tweet a lot about this issue in attempts to help put a stop to it. If you live in Ontario and are wanting to learn more about the damage about to be caused to Ontario's richest farm land, and millions of peoples water supply in Ontario, you can find out more info at the following sites.

Melancthon Quarry
Mining for the Truth in Melancthon


  1. Thanks for the video! What a fun walk with the dogs!

  2. They are look like they are having a great time at the farm!!! It is horrible what they are proposing bad what humans want to do to these Earth. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  3. Fabulous post Mary Beth and yes get tweeting about the future quarry and bring awareness. In our county as your well aware is the wind farm project,interesting the aftermath the one wind company has quietly purchased several homes... homes where families had to leave because of health issues and even death. Now huge solar panels are going up. Absolutely love the video's of the girls roaming over their place paradise. x Mysticmoon Gang

  4. Its so beautiful to see a dog enjoying the country

  5. How awesome that they have a place they can just go for a run like that. I just heard about the quarry a few days ago. I'm amazed that this could happen.

  6. You won the Stylish Blogger Award Congrats!