Friday, April 9, 2010

We’ve had a Visitor
While Zo has been away on vacation we have had a visitor come stay with us. Mylee thinks she is the coolest girl ever and has had a blast with her new friend. She also thinks she is beautiful. After all there is a bit of a resemblance! Her Ruby friend has been down being bred to a gorgeous black and tan boy who lives nearby. During this process I’ve learned a lot about progesterone testing, outside ties, and learned how to do an AI on a dog! I must say they are a heck of a lot easier than the ones I’ve assisted on horses and cattle!

On the Deck
It’s hard being this CUTE
Clean Ruby Girls
I pick Zoey up tomorrow and I’m sure Mylee misses her. The first night she was away Mylee went off of her food and wouldn’t eat her dinner or her breakfast. She also wouldn’t come up to bed and wanted to sleep downstairs by the door waiting for her sister to be home! When our visitor first arrived Mylee was PISSED. She didn’t want anything to do with this ruby girl who looked like her! She soon warmed up and has had a great week. Ultimately though I think she misses her sister and will be happy to have her home tomorrow.
As a side, why is it that with a ton of dog beds in this house that the best one is my basket full of clean laundry I haven't had a chance to put away?

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  1. funny! Our Marley loves to sleep in the washing basket too and ofcourse as you said on top of my clean washing. Cheeky puppies aren't they.