Friday, April 18, 2014

Time wasters of the best kind

I've been told I'm a bad blogger lately.  It's true, I am.  Hopefully adorable puppy pictures will make up for our lack of content.

Our Molly kids are 10 weeks old in the next few days.  They've done incredibly well and I've really enjoyed them.  Since the weather has warmed up some, they've been able to spend lots of time outside.

Xandra looking adorable at 4weeksish
 photo ew1_zpsf0557b93.jpg

Ruffi and her sweet face.  She is so demanding and sassy already, there is no doubt about who her mother is.
 photo ew2_zps0dfcdb96.jpg

What's that you are pointing in my face?
 photo ew3_zpsc466ba7b.jpg

Pretty Secret girl
 photo ew4_zps90bde0a8.jpg

Clark, now known as Percy is a true outdoors kind of guy
 photo ew17_zps256869d4.jpg

Secret looking mischievious
 photo ew16_zps7f1e63a4.jpg

Zenya alert and ready!
 photo ew15_zps836542c3.jpg

Ruffi, posing for the camera
 photo ew14_zpsb04c65c2.jpg

We've also done a lot of evaluations in the last week.  Breeder's are constantly thinking about the future.  We look at which puppies best conform to standard in terms of structure, movement, and type.  We are also always evaluating temperament and thinking about how individual puppies are going to fit into their world.   

With the help of unbiased eyes, Molly's puppies underwent several evaluations with other breeders in the past two weeks.  It's really helpful for me to hear what others think, I know what *I* think, but other viewpoints help form the most realistic picture.  It's impossible to have a breeding program that will move forward and constantly improve, without having unbiased opinions from others. One could argue that it also depends on what you do with those opinions!

 photo ew11_zpsc9699520.jpg

 photo ew12_zps2ad4dea8.jpg

Along with puppies we have been attending our weekly handling classes.  It's been really amazing watching Lolly and Jetta grow up.  I took these photos of them several weeks ago when they were around 5 months old. 

Brinklow Embee Lollipop (was known as Dottie)
 photo ew18_zps60870e85.jpg

Embee's Jet Black Jellybean (Jetta, was Rodeo), looking pretty balanced for a 5 month old puppy!
 photo ew5_zpsbd676baa.jpg

We've also celebrated some more incredible news with our Ebby receiving the results of her MRI scan.  She's matured into such a beautiful girl, and it's an amazing feeling to know that so far she is as healthy as she is pretty.  I really do believe you can have both in this breed.
 photo e30e5db7-148b-45d8-a0bf-f507f81db256_zps63441c0f.jpg

And last but not least, I'm hoping to travel to PA for the ACKCSC National Specialty with my sunshine boy.  We have a few other factors to consider before making our final decisions about travelling, but hoping for the best.  Very excited to see so many gorgeous dogs in one spot, visit with old friends, and make some new ones.
 photo ew6_zpsbbab783b.jpg

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

When you can't win, join in

There is only one way to beat the winter blues, get out and have some fun... even if the snow is over your head.

Stretch girl!
 photo sn3_zpsdf6d7eb0.jpg

Loki is our brave snow diver, he'll charge through the drifts to get to pretty much anything
 photo sn11_zps9569def6.jpg

I got it!
 photo sn1_zpsd157109c.jpg

So proud of himself, what a silly happy face
 photo sn9_zps77647f0e.jpg

Zozo says, let me in on the action too!
 photo sn5_zps83d648a2.jpg

Our pretty frisbee loving girl
 photo sn4_zps9f432a36.jpg

Snow everywhere, but LOOK at his beautiful topline and neck
 photo sn2_zps9d42e771.jpg

This is hard work!
 photo sn13_zps6a1389ff.jpg

Flying black and tan boy
 photo sn6_zps9d08eeca.jpg

Looking and feeling very proud of himself
 photo sn10_zps966430a0.jpg

Our pretty Momma didn't want to join in, I can't blame her
 photo sn8_zps1a9bec9a.jpg

Please let me in
 photo sn14_zps9068c609.jpg

I've got little ones to look after!
 photo sn12_zpse74a5c6e.jpg

We've celebrated and introduced Molly's puppies to some important Canadian winter sports
 photo gocanada_xandra_zpsc649e48b.jpg

Worked really hard to get eyes open in time to watch the game
 photo eyeonyou_zps54d5e4c6.jpg

Mastered it!
 photo mw3-2_zps6917d1c9.jpg

Now we're working on adorable factor
 photo mw3-4_zps6a5fa043.jpg

But I don't think that is going to take long,
 photo mw3-1_zps55933e8d.jpg

To more adventures ahead.

Also check out Our Family page that is now live.  So proud of our puppies! 

ps: we need some more pictures to add to the gallery ;)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our February so far

All is well around here.  Lots of snow, lots of visitors, and some new little ones to welcome into the world.  February can't get much better. 

Sadie's beautiful Son, Baron came to visit for a quick afternoon playdate.  When our puppies visit it is always amazing to me to see how fast they change.  When they are living with you, you just don't seem to notice it as much.  He is going to be one good looking little man when he is done growing.
 photo fe2_zpsdafcef9d.jpg

This handsome guy is Nika's son, Tiger.  Tiger has been here a few times while his family has been away and somehow I haven't managed to take any proper photos of him.  This was taken on my cell phone.  What's funny about this photo is how much like his half sister Ebby, and mother Nika he is. They are all very heat seeking and love to camp out over the vents.
 photo tiger_fe_zps67352d6b.jpg

This beautiful guy may look familiar to some.  I had the opportunity to have an impromptu photoshoot with Geordie who is near and dear to my heart.  He's the father to both Molly and Nika, and Grandfather to Loki, Bucky, Ebby and Coco.  I managed to get some stunning photos of him but I know his owner wants to use some in the future, so I will just share this one for now.  He's the sweetest and kindest dog you'll ever meet, but is full of zip and spunk, much like his kids and grandkids.
 photo geordiesilly_edit_blog_zps905af758.jpg

Like everywhere else in Canada we're dealing with lots of snow.  Our backyard tunnel system is not only for fun, it's necessity.  The snow is over their heads!  Look at poor Molly a few days before she delivered.  I think her face says it all.  "You gotta be kidding me, more snow?!"
 photo fe1_zpsf9bd474e.jpg

Our big news of course is that we have new puppies to introduce.  Can you guess how many by looking at this photo?  Breeder's routinely xray bitches prior to whelping to get an idea of how many to expect.  A cavalier can run into trouble if it is a small litter of one-two puppies, or likewise a huge litter.
 photo Mollysxray_blog_zpsc72c4acd.jpg

The cheat/answer sheet!
 photo Mollysxraymarked_blog_zps4bb4c233.jpg

Xray's aren't always completely accurate but for us this time it was.  Molly delivered 5 beautiful puppies on Feb. 10th.
 photo mw4_zpse34f5659.jpg

It wasn't our most smooth of deliveries.  In fact, it started out really badly.  I thought for sure both Molly and the puppies were in major trouble.  Every textbook sign certainly pointed to that being the case.  I packed her up and took her to one of my favourite Vet's in the entire world and somehow everyone was born very alive and well on the floor of one of the consult rooms.

I still don't have the how or why figured out, but I'm so thankful for everything that happened.  I owe a special thank you to Joan MacIntyre of Woodmere Cavaliers for coming and keeping me company and helping me get everyone here safely.  My Vet quietly observed on and off through the night, and that is why I adore him.  He was there if necessary but let us and Molly do our thing.

The end result, 4 black and tan girls, 1 black and tan boy.  All gaining weight like crazy under the incredible care of Molly.

Everyone must be spotless at all times.  Molly insists.
 photo mw1_zps9d9eb5bf.jpg

Our beautiful girl keeping a watchful eye.
 photo mw3_zpsd856a52a.jpg

This newborn business is tough work.
 photo mw2_zps6d79d502.jpg

I have no idea who was born in which order, other than Clark.  He was third.  So in no particular order we have;

Zenya - living up to her namesake, she is the biggest!
 photo zenya-2days_zps8e1a86ba.jpg

 photo ruffi-2days_zps3bd51e07.jpg

 photo clark-2days_zpsda895e96.jpg

 photo xandra-2days_zps22a07451.jpg

 photo secret-2days_zps327bff74.jpg

Can you guess what our name theme is with the exception of Clark?  He was named for where he was born.  Still a bit sleep deprived but getting less concerned as time goes on. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How are you keeping warm?

We are in full hibernation mode here and loving it.

I've consumed many cups of tea thanks to David's Tea advent calendar.

I've had my favourite foot warmer on my feet non stop (he's furry, black and named Loki)

I have completed several sewing projects.

My ensuite bathroom is scrubbed from top to bottom,

and I have even managed to do some much needed work on this website.

I always seem to get itchy for a new look when the seasons change. With all the beautiful snow outside I really wanted to dress everyone and go out with my camera in an attempt to get a new header photo.  With -30 or so windchill I'm content to leave summertime Mylee and Loki awhile longer.

We've had Ebby visiting for boot camp.  She's turned into a bit of a spoiled farm dog but we've mostly been working on getting her ready for a few upcoming shows.   She's really matured into a beautiful girl and selfishly I wanted to steal her to get some updated photos.

Ebby is Nika's daughter.

 photo ebbygirl2_ps2_zpsd0fa1e08.jpg

So pretty!
 photo ebbygirlps2_zps0dcb67a8.jpg

Looking thoughtful
 photo ebbyps1_zpsb0dfcce0.jpg

We also celebrated a very important NFL win this weekend.  Mylee says Go Indy!
 photo myleegoindy_ps1_zpsb70779a3.jpg

Someone insisted Zoey needed her photo taken too.  Her ratty ears are a dead giveaway that she is overdue for a bath, tomorrow's job.
 photo zops1_zpsaabadc53.jpg

In my hunt for winter photos to turn into a new header, I came across photos of a very hairy winter beast.
 photo winterbeast2012_ps3_zps8669f9b7.jpg

Is it a dog?  Can't be.
 photo winterbeast_ps2_zps0f199e5f.jpg

Busted, that face gives it away!  It's Loki.  What a difference a year makes.
 photo winterbeast2012_ps1_zpsc00b933b.jpg

Cavalier puppies definitely teach you a lesson in patience.
 photo loki_ps1_zpsa914e77c.jpg

From that hairy snow photo though you can sure tell who his mother is.
 photo mollyps1_zpsac02c8fd.jpg

Stay warm and drink lots of tea.  Orrr do what we did and book a last minute vacation to somewhere warm.  This time next week I'll be sipping a cocktail on the beach.