Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Party of Parties - Embee Fam Jam 2014

We held a party at the end of August.......and it was awesome. 

The Embee Fam Jam is a time to get together and celebrate, connect with other Embee Cavalier owners, and visit with family.  For me, there aren't enough words to describe the feelings of pride, love, and admiration that is seeing our puppies being adored by their owners.  It just means the world and makes it all worth it.

A very special thank you to Debbie at and her husband David for their always beautiful photos.  We had a fun photo booth this year and without their help it wouldn't have been possible.  Also thank you to Jen who coordinated and kept the photo booth running smoothly, and to my sister Julie who snapped many of the pictures below when I was otherwise occupied.  We'll do it again next year!

Getting the party started!  Everyone ate well including the doggies. Handmade cookies courtesy of Madison's owners and dehydrated sweet potato treats.
 photo bbq1_zps69293266.jpg

Mylee always loves a good party
 photo bbq2_zps2b014a58.jpg

Pretty baby Tess, taking it all in and having a blast
 photo bbq17_zps5eefe406.jpg

Remy looking adorable
 photo bbq3_zpsa930ff39.jpg

Bingley checking out the photo-booth!
 photo bbq4_zpsaf3bfd44.jpg

Booster, can you tell that this is his favourite spot and person?
 photo bbq5_zpsdea8f982.jpg

There may have been some brother tail pulling antics.  Fenton pulling his sister Tess' tail! Photo courtesy of David Souch
 photo bbq15_zpsc841709a.jpg

Jetta, enjoying the BBQ
 photo bbq6_zps1b8a5bbe.jpg

Calvin came to visit all the way from Utah, I haven't seen him since I kissed him goodbye at the airport over 2 years ago.  I was spoiled and got to visit with them for several days, more photos of our adventures soon
 photo bbq7_zps0c28cdf5.jpg

Zoey's sweet Charlie Bear.  Charlie hasn't been feeling well over the past several months. Between Mitral Valve Disease and a incredibly nasty ear infection we've been very worried about him.  His Mom was worried about bringing him but he had so much fun and he even played ball for the first time in months! Love his happy smile in this photo
 photo bbq8_zpsbac0f588.jpg

Meshayla with her wagging tail, what a happy party girl!
 photo bbq9_zps171ca44e.jpg

Madison's sweet little face, she came decked out in bows and stole a few of the boys hearts, one in particular.  Poor tricolour Charlie was head over heels in looove. 
 photo bbq11_zpsc1b81e78.jpg

Max and Jax, the definition of bromance.  These two spent the entire time playing together. Photo courtesy of David Souch
 photo bbq16_zps53a21904.jpg

Molly made sure that everyone had a good snuggle and a visit with her.   She is the Queen after all and everyone needs her cuddles.
 photo bbq12_zps035b775d.jpg

A beautiful photo of Charlie waiting for the ball!  One of the photos I did manage to take
 photo bbq10_zpsd3021964.jpg

Visiting with family, what it's all about.  Molly and her son Charlie
 photo bbq18_zps1c1b5412.jpg

Ball crazy black and tans, Guinness (with the ball) and Bucky in front, Loki and Ruffi behind.  Party girl Ruffi played and played and played.  Photo courtesy of David Souch
 photo bbq14_zpsf359dacc.jpg

Zoey, Fam Jammed out!
 photo bbq13_zps515ff4fd.jpg

Annnd last but not least, the Photo-booth  slideshow!   I'm also going to put it up on Our Family page.
Eludemb's Embee Fam Jam 2014 album on Photobucket

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shameless bragging, a BBPIS win and a new Champion

So we had an awesome party on Saturday but more on that later (with pictures)...

For now I just want to shamelessly brag about my dogs and their recent accomplishments in the show ring. 

Ruffi went to her first show at the end of July.  She is the type of puppy that self taught herself to be a show dog.  I put the show lead on her and she knew exactly what to do.  It's so weird to have a dog like that.  Many Clubs are offering a Baby Puppy class for puppies under six months of age.  She was a week or so shy of that magic date so I thought the baby puppy class would be a perfect opportunity to give her a no pressure and hopefully positive first ring experience. 

I think we'll call it mission accomplished.  Never in my wildest dreams did we expect to bring home Best Baby Puppy in Show.  Really looking forward to the future with this smart and sassy girl.  I love our big orange ribbon, she adores her alligator toy that came with it. 

I edited myself out since this is a very public website but it was me who handled her!

 photo ruffibbpis_blog_zpsfb452b1e.jpg

My next brag is about my good friend Jen and her boy Bucky.  He is Jen's first show dog and they learned how to compete in conformation together.  Their journey started with a bang but like most it had a few bumps along the way.  What that has meant for me is having the best dog show buddy I could ever ask for.  Showing dogs is so much better when you have a good friend to do it with. 

Conformation itself is an intimidating and dare I say; an extremely frustrating sport to be introduced and involved in.  You are at the mercy of someone's subjective opinion and unfortunately that can mean many things.  In our breed it is much harder to finish wholecolours than particolours, and newbie handlers can easily be overlooked for experienced ones.  All part of the game and yet we enjoy it, and even worse end up bitten by that darn show bug!

Needless to say I am thrilled to introduce Champion Embee's The Winter Soldier, owned, handled and adored by Jen and Erik.  He finished the point requirements at his and Jen's favourite hometown show by going Best of Breed over specials, just like his Mom Molly and Brother Loki.  Black and Tans gotta do it in style!

 photo buckynewchampphoto_blog_zps506a03ff.jpg

Super proud of you both!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Importance of Crate Training

Before our puppies are ready to leave on adventures with new owners, I always have their eyes tested by an ophthalmologist.  I do this for my own benefit more than anything but I do feel it is appreciated by their new owner as well.  Mainly I want to know what eye issues (if any) are showing up in my litters and how often they are occurring. It gives me a much clearer picture of the overall eye health of the dogs I am breeding than just testing the parents yearly (which of course we do as well).

My last trip to our wonderful ophthalmologist with puppies resulted in a story I wish to share.

I always strongly encourage my owners to peruse crate training with their puppy.  I do introduce them to a crate here but it is up to the owner to continue moving that training forward.  Most puppies hate it at the beginning, they wine, they howl, they bark, and some will keep you up most of the night.  If you are consistent, use well timed rewards and are super good at ignoring, you soon have a well behaved puppy in a crate.

Mira "Crate training in progress"
 photo crate4_zpse47463bf.jpg 

Loki demonstrating some of our crate games

When I have this conversation with new owners about crate training I can often tell that they aren't fully on board.  They listen carefully but aren't really engaged with what I am saying.  Most will go home and give crate training a try, but I think some give up easily or don't bother because they don't see the need.

Sometimes we end up with more than one in the same crate when giving our "go box" command
 photo crate3_zps12a985eb.jpg 

Overall the use of a crate seems to be greatly miss understood by most of the pet owning public.  A crate for whatever reason is attached to negative connotations when it should be thought of as a safe place your dog can call its own.

Mylee and Zo taking a time out at a busy picnic
 photo picnic82_zps1cff2a8f.jpg

While at the ophthalmologist an incredibly sweet older collie cross dog was being discharged from having cataract surgery.  He was at least 10 years old and his owner was expressing concern about his welfare to the point of being a bit belligerent with staff.  When they brought his dog out to him instead of being relieved that he was ok, the conflict escalated. 

"I have never been away from this dog for more than a few hours in his entire life."

"Can he see?"

"Does he have to be in SUCH a large cone?!"

Looking down, "His bandage is way too tight, it is making his leg swell!"  (pressure bandage)

And then;  he saw it.   The top of his long collie nose was scraped from just below his eyes right down to almost his nostrils and he also had a scrape on his leg.  The man lost it.  He began to yell at the poor tech who was looking after him.

"How did this happen?!"

"Did you let this happen?!"

"I need to speak to the Dr. RIGHT NOW"

"What the @#$# did you do to him?"

The tech calmly explained to him;  "Sir your dog was extremely stressed while visiting us.   We've had three emergency surgeries today not including your dog.  We had him in a crate to keep him safe while waiting for his surgery but he was barking, thrashing and digging at the door of the crate to get out.  He was becoming extremely agitated and was panting a lot, I was worried that he was going to injure himself in the crate.  I decided to take him out and attach him next to the crate while we worked on other patients nearby.  He was calm if we were was close but very stressed if no one was right beside him.  I think he scraped himself on the bottom of the crate door trying to get free.  I'm very sorry, we did clean it up and put ointment on. It should heal in a few days."

The man's rage grew.


There were a bunch more of sentences after that but it was all I needed to hear to have my heart break on the spot for that sweet senior dog who had never experienced being in a crate.

At almost 6 months old Ruffi is a little lady about going and staying in a crate
 photo crate1_zpsa5b24537.jpg

Even Zo is much better about being in a crate than she used to be
 photo crate2_zps6a098139.jpg 

Even if you don't see the point of crate training now for your lifestyle, please don't let your dog end up being like this poor senior.  It's just not fair.  Undergoing a painful surgery and recovery in a strange place, with strange people is enough for any dog to handle in one day.

Introduce a crate early and train it often.  It is a life skill. You may not need it today but you will need it at some point and be thankful for it. 

Our puppies and dogs are crate trained using Crate Games developed by Susan Garrett

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Molly turns 5 and her son becomes a Champion

She's been the very best companion, mouse hunter, cheerio chaser, wubba lovin', face hugging, downright demanding, rain hating, farm girl momma in the entire world, and we love her dearly.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Molly!

 photo sn14_zps9068c609.jpg

 photo sn12_zpse74a5c6e.jpg

 photo nov11-8_zps89da6791.jpg

 photo bbq27_zpsd352e58f.jpg

 photo 3w-3_zps24bbcbab.jpg

 photo bathday1.jpg

 photo wedblog5-1.jpg

 photo farm6-1.jpg
Her son Loki decided to give his Mom an early birthday present at the Erie Shores show the day before.  On the first day of the show he went Winners Dog and Best of Winners over a decent entry.  On Friday when I thought things couldn't get any better, he finished his Championship by going Best of Breed.

My boy is now formally known as CH. Embee's Mischief Managed, our first home-bred Champion.  So proud of my stinker and his accomplishments.  Along with conformation we've been having a lot of fun doing a foundations agility class, he's fearless and fast!

 photo lokibobnewchamp_cropped_resized_zps3ad7feed.jpg

Molly finished her Championship in a similar fashion, with a Best of Breed or two. 

 photo mch4_zpsd40fdea8.jpg
Maybe her naughty daughter Ruffi will be able to do the same thing one day.  For now we're having training discussions about doing doggy business on wet grass (I wonder where she gets that from?!) and trying to convince her that shoes and bowls are not dog toys.

Would you believe the starving puppy routine? photo ruffibowl_zpsf3518d26.jpg

What shoe?  I don't know what you are talking about! 
 photo ruffishoe_zpsdc958532.jpg

I think we have some more work to do.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Time wasters of the best kind

I've been told I'm a bad blogger lately.  It's true, I am.  Hopefully adorable puppy pictures will make up for our lack of content.

Our Molly kids are 10 weeks old in the next few days.  They've done incredibly well and I've really enjoyed them.  Since the weather has warmed up some, they've been able to spend lots of time outside.

Xandra looking adorable at 4weeksish
 photo ew1_zpsf0557b93.jpg

Ruffi and her sweet face.  She is so demanding and sassy already, there is no doubt about who her mother is.
 photo ew2_zps0dfcdb96.jpg

What's that you are pointing in my face?
 photo ew3_zpsc466ba7b.jpg

Pretty Secret girl
 photo ew4_zps90bde0a8.jpg

Clark, now known as Percy is a true outdoors kind of guy
 photo ew17_zps256869d4.jpg

Secret looking mischievious
 photo ew16_zps7f1e63a4.jpg

Zenya alert and ready!
 photo ew15_zps836542c3.jpg

Ruffi, posing for the camera
 photo ew14_zpsb04c65c2.jpg

We've also done a lot of evaluations in the last week.  Breeder's are constantly thinking about the future.  We look at which puppies best conform to standard in terms of structure, movement, and type.  We are also always evaluating temperament and thinking about how individual puppies are going to fit into their world.   

With the help of unbiased eyes, Molly's puppies underwent several evaluations with other breeders in the past two weeks.  It's really helpful for me to hear what others think, I know what *I* think, but other viewpoints help form the most realistic picture.  It's impossible to have a breeding program that will move forward and constantly improve, without having unbiased opinions from others. One could argue that it also depends on what you do with those opinions!

 photo ew11_zpsc9699520.jpg

 photo ew12_zps2ad4dea8.jpg

Along with puppies we have been attending our weekly handling classes.  It's been really amazing watching Lolly and Jetta grow up.  I took these photos of them several weeks ago when they were around 5 months old. 

Brinklow Embee Lollipop (was known as Dottie)
 photo ew18_zps60870e85.jpg

Embee's Jet Black Jellybean (Jetta, was Rodeo), looking pretty balanced for a 5 month old puppy!
 photo ew5_zpsbd676baa.jpg

We've also celebrated some more incredible news with our Ebby receiving the results of her MRI scan.  She's matured into such a beautiful girl, and it's an amazing feeling to know that so far she is as healthy as she is pretty.  I really do believe you can have both in this breed.
 photo e30e5db7-148b-45d8-a0bf-f507f81db256_zps63441c0f.jpg

And last but not least, I'm hoping to travel to PA for the ACKCSC National Specialty with my sunshine boy.  We have a few other factors to consider before making our final decisions about travelling, but hoping for the best.  Very excited to see so many gorgeous dogs in one spot, visit with old friends, and make some new ones.
 photo ew6_zpsbbab783b.jpg

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.